What are the requirements?

  • Open to all Competitors who possess a current INBF card which can be obtained through the INBF website at  https://www.worldnaturalbb.com/join-inbf-2/.  The cost is $63 and must be done prior to the show.. Must be 7 years drug free from the date of show. Pro card winners must also submit to a urinalysis after they come off stage as required by INBF rules.
  • Passing the lie detector (polygraph) that needs to be done prior to stepping on stage.

  • Email Myra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your polygraph test.

Can I earn my WNBF pro card at The INBF Northeast America?

  • Yes, the overall winners of the Men's Open, Ms Fit Body, and Figure divisions will earn a WNBF Pro as long as there is 8 or more competitors in their class and their urinalysis is cleared of any banned substances.

What is the difference between Ms Fit Body, Figure, Best Body?

  • We have locked in some details to make it easier to decide where you fit best. Check out our 
    Division / Judging page.

What are the competition suit requirements?

How long is the night routine for men's / women's bodybuilding?

    A maximum of 60 seconds will be allowed for each competitor with music to display their overall physique, conditioning, individuality, and creativity with their presentation. Props may be used and are encouraged. Routines are only performed in the evening.

  • More details on the bodybuilding division including mandatory poses can be found over on the bodybuilding division page.

Is there a hotel that is offering a discount for competitors?

  • The Holiday Inn Express Hotels and Suites has been very kind to us by offering a competitor rate of $109.00 / night. Rooms are standard with either a double or king bed. All rooms include a refrigerator, microwave, with wifi and buffet style breakfast

  • Contact person and promo code can be found over on our Host Hotel page.

What should I expect the day of competition?

  • We created this simple check list for competitors to reference when prepping for a bodybuilding and figure competition

 pdfINBF Northeast America Competitor Checklist