Competition Attire
Men: bodybuilding posing suite Women: two-piece bodybuilding posing suit

Judging Rounds (2):

Symmetry encompasses overall conditioning from top to bottom.

Athletes will be judged on conditioning by executing a series of mandatory poses. Competitor must hit all the mandatory poses in a timely manner.

Note: The Head Judge at all INBF/WNBF events reserves the right to penalize an athlete one point for each pose if the athlete refuses to perform the requested poses properly. The athlete will be given a warning to correctly perform the pose and if the judge's request is ignored, a penalty assessed to their placement for each improper pose. Athletes will perform only the poses requested by the Head Judge or face the same penalty.

WNBF/INBF Bodybuilding Poses:

  • Front Double Biceps Pose

  • Side Chest Pose

  • Side Triceps Pose

  • Front Lat Spread Pose

  • Rear Double Biceps Pose

  • Rear Lat Spread Pose

  • Abs and Thigh Pose

  • Most Muscular Pose - Crab

  • Most Muscular Pose - Hands on hip

A maximum of 60 seconds will be allowed for each competitor with music to display their overall physique, conditioning, individuality, and creativity with their presentation. Props may be used and are encouraged. Routines are only performed in the evening.

Scoring of Each Round:
The judges will score each round and give them a final placement for that round before moving on to the next round. Example: if there are 8 people in the class the judges will placement them 1st thru 8th place in each round. When the judges are done with all 3 rounds they will add the (3) scores together to come up with the final placement for that competitor. If two competitors have the same final score the judge will revert to the symmetry around to break the tie. The person who has the better score in symmetry places higher and breaks the tie