What is Mens Physique?
Think 'Male Fitness Model'. The look for the  this category is that of a swimsuit model or a physique you might see at a beach. We are looking for a toned, conditioned physique with no visible cellulite or fat (as with all types of our competitions).

All men will be compared for body shape, symmetry, muscle development, definition, conditioning, general fitness appearance, hair and grooming, and overall stage presence. 
NOTE: This is NOT a bodybuilding contest, so muscularity needn’t be excessive to do well in the event. All competitors will be judged for their Male Model qualities, photogenic appeal and overall look.

Think bathing suit for beach. European, American whichever you choose please do in good taste.

Judging Rounds (2):

Round 1: Symmetry Group Comparisons in Swimsuits (60% of Score)

Round 2: Stage Walk in Shorts/Swimsuit of Choice (40%)

All competitors will participate in both Rounds.


The walk will be conducted in a manner according to the promoter's site restrictions, but in accordance to INBF rules. The 1/4 Turn Comparisons and T-Walk will be performed at the same time. Male Fitness Model Athletes will be on stage once in the morning and once at night. All Athletes will enter the stage together, line stage front for comparisons, then will move back and line the rear of stage to perform the T-Walk.

The Athlete, at end of the line on stage-right, will go first to perform the T-Walk. When T-Walk is complete, the Athlete will walk to the end of the line on stage-left. The next Athlete, on stage-right, will then perform their T-Walk. As the line moves during T-Walk progression, the line of Athletes will then shuffle to the right. When T-Walks are complete, Athletes will exit the stage from the side they entered.


4 Stops Total

  • Center Stage Rear-Front Double Bicep or Ab-Thigh Pose
  • Center Stage Front-Front Double Bicep or Ab-Thigh Pose, turn around, Rear Double Bicep Pose
  • Stage Right-Side Tricep or Side Chest Pose (Side of Your Choice)
  • Stage Left -Side Tricep or Side Chest Pose (Side of Your Choice and the pose you didn’t do on stage right)
  • Then exit stage