inbf bodybuilding

The International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (INBF) was founded in 1999 and is, the  fastest growing drug-tested bodybuilding federation in existence. More than 4,000 athletes now belong to this organization, where more than 35 opportunities exist for competition each year across the country. And, with a close affiliation with the NANBF who adhere to the same strict standards of drug-screening and show quality. Members of the two federations can choose from over 50 competitions annually with one membership card.

This tremendous growth is due to a number of factors. The gateway to the Pro Natural WNBF is an obvious reason.

But there is more to the INBF: There are no politics involved in the judging process, in the promotion of competitors or in the "control" of where athletes can compete. If they wish to, INBF members can compete wherever they please. It is their choice. But once they've had the opportunity to compete in the INBF/NANBF network of shows, why would they want to compete anywhere else anyway?

If you want to find out more about the INBF and its growing show schedule, log into You can see results of past shows, rules and regulations, sample entries to various events, photos and more. You can also request a membership application and join the federation online.

We invite you to join the INBF! Train hard and stay natural!


  • Strict drug-testing at every show – the same standards everywhere!

  • Seven years natural requirement for bodybuilding, figure and fitness!

  • Polygraph testing of ALL ATHLETES, plus urine testing at pro-qualifiers!

  • Fair judging and NO POLITICS!

  • Opportunities to advance to the Pro level in the WNBF where over $60,000 is awarded each year to natural athletes in Bodybuilding and Figure contests!

  • Many divisions: Open Men & Women, Masters Men & Women, Figure, Fitness, Novice Men & Women, Teens and more!

  • The opportunity to be your best and enjoy the process ... naturally!

inbf bodybuilding

Founded in 1989, the WNBF is the largest ‘Pro Level’ natural bodybuilding federation in the World, and has become the premier choice for all natural competitors choosing to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a World Natural Champion.

More than 25,000 drug-free athletes have competed with the WNBF and its amateur affiliates to fanfare and global recognition. And this year’s 2011 competition brought more than 250 competitors representing 14 different countries competed at the World Championships in New York City. The WNBF has become the premier choice for all natural competitors choosing to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a World Natural Champion.

The WNBF – A Proud Tradition

In 1990, a new era of bodybuilding dawned. The Pro Natural Mr. Universe was contested in Minneapolis, Minn. becoming the first WNBF competition. Thanks to the vision of WNBF President Mr. Cheh N. Low, natural bodybuilders now had an opportunity to move out of the amateur ranks and compete for prize money in a drug-free arena.

Since then, the WNBF has awarded more than $1 million dollars in prize money to dedicated athletes around the world. Every WNBF bodybuilder, figure competitor and Ms. Fit Body participant is polygraphed and provides samples for urinalysis before every WNBF competition.

These procedures reinforce the WNBF policies requiring athletes be seven years drug-free prior to the event. A strict banned substance list clearly defines what is banned. Not only are anabolic steroids, prescription diuretics and growth hormone illegal for use in WNBF competition, but many over-the-counter supplements as well.

With affiliates in England, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Germany, Austria, Japan, Canada and the Caribbean, the WNBF is a worldwide organization. Several events are held in cooperation with the U.S. Military at bases throughout the United States, Germany, Iraq and Korea.

The natural bodybuilding movement has grown in recent years and drug free athletes are receiving more exposure and opportunities than ever. This would not have been possible without the WNBF laying the foundation 20 years ago.

Prior to the formation of the WNBF, natural athletes received little media coverage and even less interest for product endorsements. Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine provided the natural movement with a voice and covered drug-free events at a time that no one else would.

Now, many WNBF athletes have attained paid sponsorships with major supplement companies, appeared on network television and have been the subject of film documentaries – things not possible before 1990.

The legacy of the WNBF will be that it reshaped the bodybuilding world and created an arena for those who chose to compete naturally, without compromise. And that legacy continues to grow.

For WNBF Pro Contest Schedule info go to: World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)