Its not our business. Its our life.
In 2010 Anthony teamed up with WNBF Professional and world class figure athlete Karen Walsh to offer an exclusive nutrition coaching service to his dedicated personal training clients. Karen Walsh is a Certified Nutrition Specialist who has enjoyed cooking for others since her high school days.  In 2009 Walsh discovered her intolerance for gluten (Celiac Disease) after a gluten overload on vacation in Italy. Combing her passion for cooking and her need to eat gluten free Karen developed our original meal prep service and has since masterminded our nutrition program.

Eat like a champ. Karen not only talks the talk but she walks it too, grabbing some major titles in 2011 including Ms World, Best Body and yes, Ms Universe. Based upon a comprehensive  evaluation Karen develops a personalized nutrition plan to fit your individual needs.

Train like an athlete. Anthony is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer who has been involved with fitness since the age of 9, and although most known for his competitive bodybuilding, he has grown to be a reputable source for all things health rand fitness related. 

Fitness professionals dedicated to helping your create your best self, through nutritional coaching and effective fitness training. This is bodhi.

Karen Monetti

In 2004 Karen was intrigued by what the world of figure competitions had to offer; discipline, structured nutrition, and weight training. Karen entered her 1st competition in September of 2004 and as a direct result of her hard work, she placed 1st in The INBF Figure Nationals earning her professional status. Inspired to learn more about nutrition and how it affects human development she studied at The Professional Career Development Institute and graduated as a Certified Nutrition Consultant. While specializing in permanent weight loss and food allergies, Karen currently works closely with clients at bodhi by anthony monetti helping with meal planning, and all things nutrition related.

A few of Karen's titles include:

2006 WNBF Best Body Champion

2011 WNBF Ms Universe (overall)

2011 WNBF Ms World (overall)

2012 WNBF Best Body Champion


Anthony Monetti

Formerly known as the INBF Eddie Hernandez Classic which of course was promoted by the "The ROCK" himself. I remember Eddie before Dwayne even became a household name. After retiring Mr Hernandez passed along the promotion to Charlie Carolla and the INBF organization kept the show going, making it an early year WNBF Pro Qualifier.

In 2012 the baton was passed along to Karen and I to promote and build the WNBF natural bodybuilding experience.  As competitors,  we pride ourselves in working hard to provide the best possible competition experience.

A few titles and accomplishments:

2006 WNBF Mr. Fitness

2008 INBF Hercules Heavyweight Champ

2012 WNBF U.S. Cup Heavyweight Champ

2012 WNBF World Championships 4th place Heavyweight

2016 WNBF Mr Universe 1st runner up